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🔥🔥🔥A Huge Collection of State-of-Art Batch Operators🔥🔥🔥

Finalize your model with tons of modifiers within a few seconds!

Bake pose of your model made from may objects at once!

With batch operations and help system, Sakura Tools enhances your entire workflow!


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  • Process entire of your "model":
    • Most of functions in the Add-on supports batch processing on multiple objects, as well as your "model (armature and relative objects)" entirely.
  • Apply entire modifier stack at once:
    • Let you apply complex modifier stack at once, no matter how many modifiers on your object, or objects, or your model.
  • Preserve Shape Keys:
    • All operations on mesh objects are compatible with Shape Keys. No worries!
  • Wide variety of handful tools:
    • From renaming, manage modifiers, pose baking, to armature editing, rigging. This add-on empowers entire workflow of character modeling!
  • Manage your model and workspace:
    • Originally invented "model change checker", Image Manager, Zombie Data cleaner, keeps your workspace clean and visible.
  • Comprehensive Help System:
    • All of special elements within this add-on has original Help System. Let you know what will be done by these operators!

For more information, please visit Sakura Creative Suite


- 2024/06/03: v1.0.13

- Create_Bones_From_Edges: Fixed error when setting bone layer/collection

- bake_pose: Operator panel now displays help button for showing reasons of pose asymmetry.

- bake_pose and check_pose_symmetry: Ignores base bone checks which have no pose transforms when checking pose symmetry.

- 2024/05/12: v1.0.12

- Create Dual Joint: Changed to make the helper bone a child of the base bone or reverse bone. Removed the option to make helper bone child of base bone's parent.

- Bone/Rig creation operators: Fixed an issue where bone collections were not properly assigned in Blender 4.1 and later.

- 2024/05/11: v1.0.11

- Batch Apply Modifiers: Fixed to properly retain data names for objects with shape keys. Also fixed to properly update the viewport after applying.

- 2024/05/10: v1.0.10

- Following operators are now available from Mesh Edit Mode.

- Weight Transfer

- Check Vertex Group Mirror

- Clean Mesh Data

- Rearrange Decals

- 2024/04/15: v1.0.9

- Bone/Rig Creation Operators

- The operator options for specifying bone collection now displays all collections within the armature (Blender 4.1+)

- Bone's collections will be unchanged when the bones about to create are already exist and bone collection is not specified in the operator options.

- Temporal Shrinkwrap

- When exiting edit mode, the vertex group used for specifying which vertices are wrapped to, is now removed from the object.

- 2024/04/08: v1.0.8

- Hotfix: Fixed an issue which causes error on load on MacOS. Fixed path string processing.

- Hotfix: Attach Custom Normal now properly work on Blender 4.1.

- 2024/03/31: v1.0.7

- Hotfix: Fixed an issue where Blender crashes when applying Subsurf to many objects at once.

- Implemented the internal apply_modifiers() function in a better way.

- Object Context Menu: Added Shape Key Control for Active Object

- batch_apply_modifiers: fixed typo in the description of the operator

- 2024/03/28: v1.0.6

  - Batch Apply Modifiers: Fixed for object appearance properly updated after applying modifiers.

  - Batch Remove Modifiers: Support for Armature modifier removal.

- 2024/03/25: v1.0.5

  - Support for Blender 4.1

- 2024/03/15: v1.0.0

  - Initial Public Release

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Sakura Tools

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